Laying individual blocks in traditional chevron and Versailles patterns is highly labour intensive on site, which is rarely commercially viable. Now Havwoods offer a cost-effective, time-efficient option – pre-assembled, pre-finished engineered panels for both patterns.

Patterned flooring is more popular than it has been for many decades, but the traditional installation methods which use individual blocks, often unfinished and thus require sanding and staining after having been laid, are both costly and time consuming in labour terms. In recent years an extended range of pre-finished blocks for both herringbone and chevron patterns have become available in our Design and Italian Collections and we have also introduced ready-laid Versailles patterns in pre-assembled, pre-finished panels.

The latter have proven to be so popular that now we’ve extended the concept to chevrons, with brand new pre-assembled, pre-finished engineered chevron pattern panels – 15mm thick, 305mm wide and 1848mm in length – available initially in four fashion-forward shades. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications they offer a highly cost-effective answer to a popular interior design challenge, being both quick and easy to fit; they are also suitable for installation over underfloor heating.

Of course, if you want to install a more personal, individually designed pattern, the Havwoods Bespoke service provides the ideal solution, turning your own designs into pre-assembled, pre-finished engineered panels perfect for a really fast fit.

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