Havwoods Showroom Manager, Sophie-Zacha Lameret, sharing the brand new WoodBook! (Photo Credit: SJ Martinez)

On Thursday, May 31st, the Havwoods New York showroom was buzzing for the launch of our May-August 2018 WoodBook, the go-to resource for all things wood flooring and wall covering. Architects, designers, and even some very special clients joined us in celebrating what’s new in wood flooring… and what’s next for Havwoods International.

Heads turned when Anthony Scott, our Head of Business Development, purposefully poured red wine, mayonnaise and other usually-detrimental substances on our brand new product line, Valour Finish. This performed stain test is a true testament to Valour’s super hard, stain-resistant wood flooring.

The night was full of great conversations and connections. A huge thank you to everyone that helped us kick off the summer with our new WoodBook!

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, you can get your WoodBook by stopping in the showroom or get it online here.
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